Synzaria: A universe within a world.

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Synzaria: A universe within a world.

Post by Q on Wed Jan 14, 2009 10:30 am

I shall use this forum as a ... record board for my ideas as it were. I am creating a world, and would like to hear others' ideas on said world. Here is what I have so far (this is by no means a final draft, more like a first beta draft than anything.) The setting is a sci-fi fantasy where technology is magic, and magic is technology. They're one in the same.

The world, Synzaria, is composed of a layered, exploded out sphere shape. The 'countries' are the floating pieces of said world and are completely detached from each other.
So far the countries I have are:
Aer, a very broken apart country which relies a lot on air travel and has lots of floating cities and the like.
Faisa, a very hot place with magma, fire, deserts and the like.
Iri, a very COLD place which is a frozen wasteland, populated almost entirely with eco-domes and other such protections.
Euldh, a country which is almost entirely underground, due to the shape of the piece.
Omasar, a grassland/plains country with lots of light and flowers.
and Sunar, a desolate place with half-dead trees, lots of ridges, and mostly wasteland apart from that.

Any suggestions for 'themes' of other countries would be brill.

I am working on the races currently, and intend to insert them into my next post.

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Re: Synzaria: A universe within a world.

Post by zerosaiyaman on Thu Jan 15, 2009 2:03 pm

Hm, very interesting ideas. I like the "technology = magic" theme, as it is true once you get sufficiently enough advanced. Hmm, setting up the geology, geography, and weather patterns between the pieces could be very useful, especially for plot devices and story conventions as things to. For instance, why is one floating chunk cold, one a desert with little rain, and another a grass land? Do they have localized weather and water cycles, or do they all share, and it depends on the organization of the pieces respectively to each other? If the latter, then what would happen if one piece, say the desert one, started to try to replace another, say the grassland one, to get better conditions...

Anyways, I think the resource settings for the kingdoms are nicely diversified and cover most biomes. You could add a lush forested one, which could be a major exporter of wood for the others, and other resource specific or enriched areas that could have similar or agglomerated combinations of environments to the other archetypes.


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